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Winnipeg Fitness Trainer Alternatives For Leg Extensions


I'm not sure why, but when I have to be up at 5am for sessions at BOOM I always have waayy more energy than I do when I get up at 6 or 7am. Not sure why that is, but it always makes Wednesdays and Fridays my favorite and most productive days even though they are my busiest at BOOM. So let's get into this weeks video!

I was watching "Heavy" last week on A&E (great show by the way, highly recommend watching it if you like those types of shows...much better than Biggest Loser) and it always amazes my that the trainers on these types of shows INSIST on doing leg extensions and machine leg curls with their weight loss clients. I just don't understand it. Leg extensions to begin with are a terrible exercise that puts unneeded stress on the knee joint, not to mention that it might be one of the LEAST efficient exercises in terms of weight loss and calorie burning. It's also just a silly exercise that has no basis in real world movement patterns.

This is why you will NEVER see us doing leg extensions at BOOM BodyShaping in Winnipeg, and I really wish the trainers on these shows would stop doing them also. When the average person sees that on TV they automatically think that's something they should do when they go to the gym and it leads to them not getting optimal results and possibly damaging their knee joints with unneeded stress.

So in this weeks edition of BodyShaping BluePrint TV I'm going to give you 4 exercises that you can do instead of leg extensions that will immediately make your workouts more efficient and effective for weight loss.

So sit back and relax cuz BodyShaping BluePrint TV starts riiiight noooww!

Winnipeg Fitness Trainer Shows Leg Extension Alternatives

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